RISING KINGS  is changing the world through a new kind of business training. We ‘Build Powerful Founders’ isn’t just a tagline, it’s a movement.

Founded by Ben Salkeld in 2016, RISING KINGS was born out of dissatisfaction with the lack of training available to help male Founders increase their ability to build and lead teams, scale their businesses and absolutely crush it in the game of business and life.

We've helped hundreds of male business owners accelerate the growth of their business, through expert advice and strategies from successful male Founders who have walked the path before. 

Unprecedented amounts of business know-how and support from successful male Founders to enable you to build a multi-million dollar business and beyond.

An exclusive Brotherhood of men who are redefining what it means to be a modern day King.
Your life’s work is a representation of who you are - so it's imperative you make it count.

The vision that guides RISING KINGS is to redefine what it means to be a modern day King and turn every man into a leader. We believe that if we can introduce a new style of training that truly enables performance and impact, then we can make a serious dent on this world.

We elevate the conversation of running a business beyond just hustle and grind and towards the pursuit of impact and legacy.

Beyond the elementary marketing and sales, we recognise and live by the notion that ‘what got you here won’t get you there.’ And that’s why we have a unique tested and proven methodology that builds a powerful Founder from the ground up and is responsible for generating Millions in profit for male Founders.

The biggest mistake we see is the belief that business drives success. Which is simply no true.

Think about it this way, when you put an 'average' driver into a Formula 1 vehicle, you going to average results.

And no matter how much more effort is put into modifying the vehicle, if the driver remains average, the results WILL NOT CHANGE.

Because the results of the vehicle is determined by the performance of the driver. 

The better the driver, the better the results.

And business is no different.

It's NOT the business that drives success...
"It’s YOU that drives the business to SUCCESS."
RISING KINGS is pioneering a new style of business training that is addressing the Founder education gap, by placing more emphasis on practical real-world business skills, emotional intelligence, leadership, resilience, creativity and innovation, than it does on the elementary theoretical knowledge and academia.

If you're searching for big ass results in business and looking for that edge in terms of how you operate as a Founder, then look no further my friend.
About The Founder, Ben Salkeld
CONTACT: ben[@]rising-kings.com
Dissatisfied with the conventional path that traditional business programs follow, Ben Salkeld founded RISING KINGS to prove, that great business training can enable men to do their life’s best work. 

Back in 2012 he was working close to 70 hours a week doing everything from lead gen, email campaigns, customer service, filming, editing and pitching to investors in the hope that he’d finally get his ticket into the world of being a serious business baller.

Unfortunately it didn’t pan out that way. The reality was, this type of operation nearly cost him his marriage, health and sanity and so he had to let it go. One of the hardest business decision he’s made to date. And it was at that stage in the game he decided to figure out what actually went wrong.

And so he invested over $320,000 and spent more than half a decade of his life decoding what it is the wealthy and high performing Founders “DO” that the other 95% “DON’T”.

An intense journey into the world of Peak Performance, Mindset, Resilience, Leadership, Culture Building, Time Management, Business Operations and the things we often ignore as FOUNDERS.

Since then he built and sold a highly leveraged second business for multiple 6 figures all in under 20 months, while saving his marriage and being a world class father along the way.

Ben is now sharing this new methodology within the RISING KINGS ACADEMY, is fast becoming a leading voice for the men’s movement in Australia and his RISING KINGS program is changing the way men play the game of business and life.
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