Evolve Or Die. It's That Simple.
Written by Ben Salkeld 2018
The simplicity of being a Founder.
Darwin once said - "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change".
I'm sure you've noticed that the business landscape is changing.

What worked in 2016 is no longer working today and what's working right now wont work in in 2 years time. 

Not only that, but what helped you launch your business is not what will help you scale your business.

The game of business changes rapidly. 

As the business changes and the business environment changes, Founders will be forced to adapt and change.

Those that refuse to grow and evolve will be culled from the population. "Survival of the fittest". 

Now... Why am I saying all of this?

I'm saying this to awaken you to the facts. 

I’ve been watching as Founders spend all their time and resources focusing on the same things in their business such as lead gen and social media influence while neglecting the most important element - the Founder.

And what I’ve found is that these are the same men that are STUCK. 

The guys that are frustrated with the amount of hours they’re working. 

Struggling to figure out what is required in order to break through their limiting ceiling in terms of business impact.

Then there’s the other side, the men who evolve radically and spend time up-skilling themselves.

And it’s these Founders that have something very powerful.

They’re able to ‘adapt’ to their evolving business and any market conditions or changes that occur and create big ass results.

They’re not hindered by the business or the business model.

They can literally jump into any business at any stage and make it work.

And that’s how YOU need to be looking at the game of business.

When you become a High Performance Founder, success is less dependant on whether the market is running hot or not.

The men that are winning in business are the men that know the importance of their own evolution.

And... The best way to do that is by learning from somebody who's thriving in the current environment and anticipating the next change. 

This is exactly what the RISING KINGS Brotherhood is all about.

Not only do we follow a unique, tested and proven set of values and methodology that is building a world of powerful Founders, we surround ourselves with like minded high performance men.

And so while most businesses have been struggling, burning out and closing the doors, the men in the Brotherhood have been investing heavily into the game of Founder development.

Adapting, changing, morphing and evolving to constantly be the apex predator in their field. 

So if you’re ready to WIN at the game of business and life then I suggest you do something bold, and check out the RISING KINGS ACADEMY.

Natural selection is breathing down your neck. 

You can adapt to the change and win or you can live in denial till it takes you in the night. 

Evolve or die. That is the natural order of things. 

Ben Salkeld

Founder of RISING KINGS, creator of Ultimate Impact Systems.I help Founders crush it in the game of business. If you're interested in accelerating your business results through a tested and proven methodology, then book in a Free Game Plan Strategy Session and we'll see if we're a good fit.
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