3 Millionaire Behaviours You Must Have
Written by Ben Salkeld 2018
Either you're winning or you're losing. There is no in-between
Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire? 

Over the past half a decade I’ve invested over $320k into decoding what it is that 7 Figure Founders, the high performers, are doing that the others aren’t.

I’ve flown around the globe, attended seminars, met with mentors and done everything I possibly could to decode the key’s required to break out of the 6 Figure game and into the 7.

And after sifting through everything I learnt and cutting out all the non-essential I finally found the 3 things that these men possess that the others don’t.

- They know where they’re going and why. 
- They track and measure their progress religiously. NOTHING is left to chance. 
- To the point that if something in their market shifts, they shift their business.

- 7 Figure Founders have unwavering discipline in their lives. 
- They will do whatever needs to be done in order to get what they desire. 
- They operate with systems and processes, having morning power routines and stick to their plan.

- These men aren’t in the game just to play, they’re in the game to dominate!
- They’re hungry to achieve their biggest goals (BHAG) and will not stop until it becomes reality. 
- Continually focusing on the latest and best marketing, sales, leadership, confidence and communication strategies to ensure they WIN.

If you’re serious about killing it in the game of business then these 3 behaviours are mandatory.


You could have the worlds best product or service, but without a high performance Founder at the helm, you will only ever achieve average results.

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Ben Salkeld

Founder of RISING KINGS, creator of Ultimate Impact Systems. I help Founders crush it in the game of business. If you're interested in accelerating your business results through a tested and proven methodology, then book in a Free Game Plan Session and we'll see we're a good fit.
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